Why Choose Crimando & Cleland


There is no "you" in client.

Being involved in a lawsuit is generally stressful for the litigants. They feel out of control and subject to the whims of a system that sometimes does not make sense. Their main contact with that system is their lawyer. Many trial lawyers distinguish themselves from their clients, as though they are separate entities. That has never been our approach. When you do us the honor of hiring us to represent you, “you” becomes “us,” and we will manage the litigation together.

Our clients have a team working for them, not an attorney working for a law firm.

Crimando & Cleland will provide you with a team of experienced law professionals who will work for you, instead of an attorney who happens to work at the firm. We believe that many law firms train attorneys to put the interests of the attorneys first, not those of the client. Billable hours become more important than successful results for the clients. At Crimando & Cleland, we put the client first. Our team approach results in a happier employee, a better work product, and satisfied client.

Attorneys and staff with a common purpose.

Our unique approach integrates our collective knowledge and expertise with a progressive, accessible style. We anticipate your needs and address your legal challenges. We are proud of our excellent staff. We are a mixture of young and old and have worked together for several years. This has resulted in a better work product for our clients.


Smarter. Faster. Cost-Effective.

Crimando & Cleland understands that, as quickly as technology is evolving, so is the law. We invest in and use leading-edge legal software and equipment so we can work smarter, faster, and more cost-effectively to deliver the best results.

Technical and scientific expertise, clearly communicated.

Mass torts and injury cases can mean massive amounts of data to collect, interpret, and present. Using the latest technology, we have created an efficient system to process information into useable form — for our network of experts to analyze and break down into persuasive positions that are understood by judges and juries.


Creativity is the difference between status quo and success.

Today’s legal battles are won by a combination of experience and creativity, and we’re well stocked in both. We look for the unseen advantage. We go beyond the boilerplate and the routine to deliver the results you deserve.

We are ready to go to trial. Always. And we can prove it.

We are not hired simply to process claims with blind acceptance of the proofs offered on behalf of the plaintiffs. We are hired to sift through the claims and get rid of those that do not merit settlement consideration. During the discovery process we generate the information needed to evaluate the cases. Have the elements been properly met by credible evidence? If not, we will get rid of the cases by stipulation or by motion. If those don’t work we are ready to go to trial.

Interested in learning more? Read about our practice areas and our representative clients. Contact Crimando & Cleland for additional information.

We are set up for your success. We have a lot to offer and are anxious to share it with you. Let us show you that there is no “you” in client. Together we will conduct your battle and together we will succeed.

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