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Crimando & Cleland: Trusted Michigan Counsel and Insurance Claim Defense

Crimando & Cleland's attorneys have become trusted counsel for Michigan insurance claim defense and a range of other personal injury and civil litigation matters. We are also respected nationwide for our work coordinating large scale, multi-state litigation, often involving mass tort claims. For us, truly, no case is too large or too small. We are committed to bringing the same teamwork, resources and preparation to every client, from organizations named in class-action matters to defendants and insurers in limited auto negligence claims.

Toxic Tort and Mass Tort Defense

Toxic tort and mass tort are areas of special expertise. We have extensive knowledge in the scientific basis of state-of-the-art, epidemiology, industrial hygiene, toxicology, and medicine. We have defended clients in cases involving exposure to benzene, welding rods, metalworking fluids, asbestos, mold and diseases from reactive airways disease to leukemia. We regularly engage with national experts testifying on both sides of the litigation.

Mass torts often mean massive amounts of information. Using the latest technology, we have created a unique and efficient system to process information into useable form — at a cost that the big firms cannot match.

Product Liability Defense

We have developed an intimate familiarity with a variety of products, including:

  • Boilers
  • Compressors
  • Electrical equipment
  • Floor tile
  • Friction
  • Furnaces
  • Gaskets
  • Grinding wheels
  • Packing
  • Pumps
  • Valves

Auto Negligence and Other Personal Injury Defense

There is not a genre in the personal injury arena with which we do not have familiarity. From all of the above to auto negligence to premises liability, we have done it. We approach each and every type of claim in the same way: as trial lawyers. We have accomplished this for every client by being what we are: reasonably-priced and effective trial lawyers.

Financial and Corporate Litigation

The years we have spent in courtrooms representing financial, banking and default-servicing institutions have made us sensitive to the special needs of those clients. Litigating cases involving unrepresented or sometimes over-zealously represented individuals requires a delicate approach committed to assuring that our clients receive an adequate opportunity to be heard. We recognize that many of our clients have already lost in the court of public opinion — before ever making it to a court of law — because of a perceived imbalance in power. We also recognize that this is when they most need a lawyer a who can bring professionalism and integrity to shine through every aspect of the litigation and overcome that perception, assuring fairness in the process.

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