Our hand-picked team of attorneys and legal professionals is highly-experienced, yet purposefully small and nimble. Our clients get all the advantages of any large firm, but delivered cost-effectively and with personal attention. Our goal is to satisfy the most important member of the team ... you, our client.

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John W. Crimando, Esq.

Phone: (586) 493-6833
Fax: (586) 493-6883
I have been trying cases since I got my license in 1980. I have litigated everything from landlord-tenant disputes in local courts to mass tort cases in state and federal courts all over the country. I have tried asbestos cases to verdict. I also hav… Read More
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Sean S. Cleland, Esq.

Phone: (586) 493-6833
Fax: (586) 493-6883
Since 1996, I have focused on representing companies in personal injury and products liability lawsuits. Before forming Crimando & Cleland in 2007, most of my time was dedicated to defending large manufacturing companies involved in lawsuits invo… Read More
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Caren Ries, Esq.

Phone: (586) 493-6833
Fax: (586) 493-6883
I often tell people that I became a lawyer to “help people.” Many oversimplify this statement and see it as a paternalistic mission to save the world, one person at a time. Not true. Every person and every entity needs representation and deserves… Read More
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