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Crimando & Cleland is a litigation law firm committed to excellence in advocacy for our clients. We specialize in providing innovative solutions to complex legal challenges and we represent our clients at every level of the litigation process.

Our Michigan civil defense attorneys are your company’s best chance at minimizing the damage caused by toxic tort, personal injury, products liability and other negligence claims. That would be a bold statement if it was not also true. Our firm is dedicated to working with clients to arrive at the best solution for their legal battles. When the strategy calls for a fight, we fight. But when your needs are better served by negotiation, we will negotiate in your best interest. Every time.

In banking and corporate litigation matters, we draw on our experience in disputes with individual plaintiffs in situations of perceived power imbalance or over-zealous plaintiff's counsel. We appreciate the importance of how your legal team conducts itself when the court of public opinion is scrutinizing your case — often even before a complaint is filed — to ensure that even-handed justice prevails.

We Know Detroit. We Know Michigan.

For exceptional local counsel in Michigan, you only need to know us.

Our attorneys have decades of experience litigating in state and federal courts around the country. We bring the same capability and personal attention we're known for in complex, multi-state disputes to the smallest of claims — like personal injury or auto negligence.

We encourage you to learn more about our attorneys and why clients choose us. For additional information, contact Crimando & Cleland.